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This beloved ANTIQUE CHILDREN’S CAROUSEL has been adorning the CoolSprings Galleria for nearly 1.5 decades.  Here at the carousel, we have witnessed the ride going full circle (pun intended).  The children of yesteryear are now bringing their little ones to experience the same delight they remember from days gone by.   Have you ever wondered who brought this beautiful piece of art to CoolSprings Galleria for our enjoyment?  We are pleased to introduce our very dear friends and “carousel art connoisseurs” …Carlos and Judy Sardiña!  As a team, they have been rescuing and restoring antique carousels, across the nation and overseas since the  1970’s. Mr. Sardiña is a businessman, entrepreneur and artist.  He is actually the descendant  of a noted woodcraftsmen -circa 1600-  from Spain.   He discovered his love of carousels, and carving, when he was a young boy trailing his grandfather to the park in Havana, Cuba. As the carousel operators were setting up the machine, the young master Sardiña ran his fingers over the carved horses lined shoulder to shoulder on the grass.   The rest is history!

Christian Science Monitor -1987

Interesting article interviewing Carlos and Judy Sardiña in 1987.

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Interview with Judy Sardiña

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Sardiña Studio - Motion Art Inc.

Carlos and Judy Sardiña

Sardiña Studio - Motion Art Inc.

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FRIDAY - SUNDAY  Mall Open to 6:00 PM


MONDAY -  SATURDAY 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

SUNDAY 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

A 75 lb. weight limit is observed due to the diminutive size of the animals.  

Tickets may be purchased

at the ticket booth.

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$10.00/7 tickets  

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